Who We Are, Our Mission, and Our Purpose

We are a husband and wife team working to transform our suburban Southwest Florida home into a thriving micro-farm and food forest. We are both vegan – myself for 27 years and Kevin for 6. The design of the gardens will be based on vegan permaculture principles. I am the primary gardener and designer, while Kevin handles most of the projects related to building and appropriate technologies. My hope in creating this website is to be able to share what we learn with others, so that we might inspire them to implement some of these ideas into their own lives.

We chose the name Sunny Rain Ecostead and Studio for our farm because it is more to us than just a homestead and gardens, but it is also to be an ecological space for mindfulness and creativity.

The ecostead is in its infancy and we have much to learn before it can become the space that we envision. The land is about two thirds of an acre with only about half an acre available for growing. Below we have laid out our mission and purpose. We will come back to reassess these goals from time to time to make sure they are still in keeping with our overall vision. ~ Cindy

To grow as much of our own food as possible
So as to maintain control over the quality of our food, to be more self-reliant, and to lower our food costs.

To grow our food using stock-free veganic methods ,
So as not to support industries of animal exploitation and to grow food in a way that is more consistent with natural methods.

To harvest our own water
So as not to be dependent upon outside sources for our drinking water, and to keep water on the land for watering crops.

To have the means to generate our own electricity
So as to reduce the need for fossil fuels while supporting renewable energy.

To create wildlife habitat
So as to undo some of the damage done by urban sprawl, bringing back some of the native wildlife.

To distribute information
So as to share knowledge that promote regenerative agriculture and a more compassionate way of living.

To host garden parties, workshops, plant swaps, and market days
So as to bring the community together while providing a place for people to share their knowledge and ideas and to swap, sell and/or barter goods or services.

To host fund-raising events for charity organizations through the sale of art and craft items.
So as to support the causes we believe in and to help build a more resilient community.