Upcoming On-line Events

Vlog updates via YouTube video! You will be able to watch as the food forest matures over time. We will be sharing all things related to veganic permaculture, agroforestry, plant-based cooking, homesteading and more. Kevin is more of the builder and appropriate technologies person, whereas I do most of the gardening. Together we make a pretty good team.

Future On-site Events

My vision for the future is to have the garden be a meeting place where I can host free workshops and garden tours, and also to invite guests for vegan potlucks or farm to table dinners. I’d also like to have a market day to sell produce, seeds, plants, cottage foods, art, and crafts. I want this to be a place where other vegans, artists, permaculturalists, and food foresters can come together, in an informal outdoor setting, to share their ideas and experiences and to discuss issues relevant to our general concerns.